Strange Looking Skies: June 2 and May 2015

May 2015. In Northern Germany (Bützow) and in Southern Germany (Augsburg) there were two remarkable tornado events within a week and followed by more. Three tornados created a lot of damage and shocked people living in the track of the tornado.

On the North-side of the Alps in Bavaria there was a lot of rain, it rained also in Northern Germany.

In the middle of the country a drought raised concerns among farmers.

In the Berlin area there weren’t extreme weather patterns but the whole month felt more like autumn rather than spring.

It was cold most of the time and a feeling that the weather pattern repeated itself each day, with a few hours of sun and clouds and wind most of the time. Particularly at night it was still very cold.

There were also interesting cloud patterns in the sky, which looked a bit unusual. It might be these types of clouds which triggered also the “Chem-trails” conspiracy theory. These here certainly are natural phenomena, nevertheless it would be worth to learn more about these types of clouds. The sky looking like a “dirty window” happens more often over the last years and it would be good to know what that means.

Indeed it looks like the atmosphere is surfeited from something. This can be natural but there are still a lot of factors in the Earth’s atmosphere which needs further investigation and explanation. For example bacteria play a role in the development of clouds (and perhaps are also a factor in climate-development).

It’s remarkable that these type of clouds are not often to be seen on older photos – however we should keep in mind that today there’s much more awareness about weather phenomena and nearly anyone has a camera in his mobile.