Winter Storm – Severe Weather In The Bavarian Alps, January 7-8, 2017

January 2017 began with very cold temperatures in Middle Europe. In some places it was 20 degrees below zero. Then it became warmer and in Upper Bavaria and in the Alps there was heavy snowfall. In Mittenwald, which is very close to the Austrian-German border, there was a mass of snow. Snow began falling on Saturday, January 7 and lasted on Sunday for the whole day. This made a big difference to previous years when there was no snow in the Bavarian alpine valleys during the same time of the year and it was much too warm. The severe weather during the first weeks of January caused many traffic accidents but in the alpine region people are well prepared for winter weather. However a weather pattern with a series of low-pressure systems in winter with sudden jumps in temperature pressing against the Alps from the North-West-Atlantic can lead to extreme dangerous situations. In Galtür, Austria, one of the biggest disasters happened in February 1999: afters days of extremr snowfall enormous avalanches hit the village and killed 38 and many people got injured. The village was isolated from the outside-world for days and ended in a spectacular rescue mission with a fleet of helicopters. The catastrophy lead to investigations about responsibility and a a lot of new measures to protect the valley from deadly avalanches. Even today with modern technologies avalanches are a constant danger in the alps. Tourists are always advised to check with local authorities and not leave secured paths during winter. In this situation here the weather calmed down after the weekend of January 6-7. Tourist can enjoy now the valley of Mittenwald and the municipality which has a rich history. It is situated in the valley of the river Isar on the historical route between Germany and Italy. It was also the route from the South to the North in the times of the Roman Empire. Even today you can see an Italian influence in Mittenwald. The municipality is also famous for the manufacture of violins.
/a> Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program There are many walking-paths and streets leading to hotels and cabins in the surrounding mountains. On the East-side there is the impressing Karwendel, a mountain massive with steep rock faces and high mountains. The Karwendel is a extreme territory with a wilderness. On the west side you can get into the Leutasch-Tal, which is on the South-Side of the Zugspitze. Mittenwald is not far from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There is also a cabin built by King Ludwig II not far away, The Schachenhaus, which can be visited during summertime. Furthermore there is the luxury hotel ELLMAU which was the place of a G7 meeting recently.