Thunderstorm At A Lake In Berlin, July I, 2013 / Gewitter am Schlachtensee

At the end of June 2013 it was pretty much cold in Middle-Europe but during July 1 warm and humid air lead to thunderstorms in the evening.Thunderstorms in the Berlin area weren’t as strong as in the middle of June (see previous post) but the famous “bread and butter party” on the Tempelhofer Feld had to be interrupted. Since it’s still very bright after 8.00pm the clouds and the evening sky created an interesting atmophere. Pictures and video were taken at Lake Schlachtensee in the South-West of Berlin. The thunderstorm didn’t hit the lake directly but lightning and thunder came close for some time.

A thunderstorm might not move as fast as in the first scene of the video which is a timelapse. However what you never should do is swimming in a lake when a thunderstorm comes closer. The water could carry the current of a lightning and kill people.

Particularly if a lake is situated in a valley like lake Schlachtensee and is surrounded by trees you should be careful. The storm might be closer as it appears at first sight.

The two videos below represent two versions of the same material using different filters and a variation of the use of time-lapse.

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.
Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.