A Spring Day With Rain and Showers, May 11, 2014

Low Pressure Systems led to cooler temperatures and some showers in North-East Germany over the second weekend of May. Nevertheless it was a good day to go out and to enjoy the season. Here in the touristic region  of the Uckermark, which is approximately 80 kilometers from Berlin the landscape blooms with the spring colors of yellow rape fields and the fresh green of the trees. On Sunday the wind picked up and it was raining from time to time as well as the sun bathed the landscape in bright light for some moments. Unlike Friday night where in the west of middle Europe severe lightning storms created some damage around Bremen, on this day there weren’t extraordinary weather patterns in this part of the country. It’s even a very normal thing in middle Europe that you have some colder days with rain in May, which is usually much more wet as April. Farmers and foresters are happy to get some rain since the last months had been much too dry. And the fast moving clouds created interesting contrasts for photography. Maybe some painters also enjoyed the day for its intense colors created by the weather.