January 31, 2014: Ice On The Lake

Cold days followed my trip to the big lake in South-West Berlin and on Friday there was partly a big ice sheet on the Wannsee. A trip with the regular ferry from the eastside of the lake to the west in the afternoon on that day became very exciting. Every few metres the surface of the lake and the ice changed. In the middle of the lake the ice was thin but as closer the ferry came to its destination the ice floes became thicker and thicker. On the westside of the lake they very really impressing.

Unlike the last three years with long lasting winters conditions changed soon and it warmed up during the weekend. When the famous Berlinale festival begins on February 6 stars and celebrities do not have to fear to freeze so much since temperatures will rise and even the nights are still cold there are no new extremes to be expected.

Unlike other European regions like England, France or Slowenia which have to face extreme weather conditions the North-East of Germany is very quiet with friendly weather these days. We hope for the best for other parts of Europe.

The cold days with the ice-sheet was a great opportunity for the Berlin public transport services to show the capabilities of their new ferry which makes journeys not only very comfortable and has a lot of space now for many passengers but proved to be a real ice-breaker.

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