More Thunder And Rain in North-East Germany

Same procedure like every day: the day began with a wonderful summer morning. The sun was shining invitingly and moderate temperates invited for a hike into the Grumsin-region, which has become a world heritage because of its forests. Close to the forest is an open landscape with meadows and some fields. Old trails lead through this thinly populated area in Brandenburg, North of Berlin. It was not long after noon when the sky again darkened and a big shower with some thunder approached quickly. Luckily I had reached the geo-park station about the Ice Age and the geological history of this part of the country when the rain came again. It’s an excellent exhibition in Groß-Ziethen, which is also the meeting point for tours into the impressing world heritage. Soon later the sky cleared for some hours but again the air was still humid. The intense sun fell onto the wet ground and steam could be seen rising over the street.

As in Berlin lot’s of fans were arriving for public viewing of the world championship finale a new thunderstorm approached in the early evening hours.

Gate of the Ice-Age-Parc in Groß-Ziethen, Brandenburg

Steaming street after the shower has passed