Storm Xaver Berlin, December 5, 2013

Four weeks after the disastrous storm Christian another storm system hit Wales, Scotland, Middle Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. For over two days there were also strong winds in the Berlin Brandenburg area. The damage was minor but snowfall and ice in the morning of Dec 6 lead to several traffic accidents. A tube was stopped because a tree threatened to fall. Compared to destruction in England and Denmark however there were only smaller problems. For coastal areas like the Northern Sea region the challenge was the long lasting wind and the North-West-direction where the wind came from, which lead to a flood combined with the high tide. In Berlin the christmas tree at the Christmas market in the center of the west had to withstand the force of the storm. On Saturday there was still wind but the weather calmed down after the temperatures felt below zero during the night. Xaver again proved that even with modern technology weather is still difficult to predict precisely. As storm Christian was a surprise because of it’s devastating winds, this storm was fortunately in the Berlin area not as strong as some weather forecasters thought (it still did terrible damage for example at the coast-line or the island of Sylt).

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