Thunder Clouds In The Evening Sky – Berlin, August 2, 2014

Early August and Berlin still feels like some equatorial town in the South-American rainforest. Humidity was still high on the weekend, August 2-3 and temperatures were rising over 30 Celsius. In the evening of August 2 a thunderstorm crossed the South-West of Berlin. It didn’t do any damage but the thunderclouds were a beautiful sight.

The clouds were coming from the east and the sun was still shining in the west, which led to very interesting details and colours. The thunderstorm lasted not very long and later in the west there was some sheet-lightning.

Even the typical pine trees of the North-East regain doesn’t look very much like a rain forest the giant clouds in the evening sky might help to understand the “tropical feelings” Berliner’s are getting these days during an extraordinary hot summer.