Severe Storm In Berlin, July 8, 2014

In the morning of July 8 there was already heavy rainfall in Berlin and the question was, if people could enjoy the public viewing of Germany-Brasil in the evening. A severe weather warning was issued. In the late morning the sky cleared and it was sunny for some hours. However the air was very humid and thunderstorms neared from the South. They travelled fast from Saxony to Berlin. In the later afternoon the storm hit Berlin. For minutes there were strong winds, some but not very intense lightning could be seen. The bigger problem became the rain, which was flooding streets and cellars. The Berlin fire brigade needed every emergency vehicle. Luckily the thunderstorm in the end wasn’t as bad as some forecasters had expected. It cooled down a little bit after the rain.

The crowd anticipating the soccer game was lucky in the end. After the storm passed the weather calmed down and in the evening there was only slight rain.

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