Thunderstorm And Heavy Rainfall In Northern Germany, July 5

Saturday, July 5, was a hot and humid day in Northern Germany. In Flensburg near the Danish border the day began cloudy and later it was sunny. In the afternoon towering clouds could be seen. A cold front was moving fast from the west reached Hamburg and soon later the sky in Flensburg became really dark. Wind picked up and when the front arrived there was heavy rain. It was nearly like a flash flood and cellars and some streets were flooded. The severe storm didn’t last very long and luckily the wind wasn’t too strong. After the storm had passed there was an impressing atmosphere at the Flensburg Fjord, which is a well known area for sailors from Germany and Denmark. It wasn’t much colder after the thunderstorm and the air was still humid. The pictures show the arrival and the aftermath of the cold front.

After the storm calmed down and was moving towards the East the sea was completely calm. For some moments the sun appeared again. The sea reflected the dark blue and different tones of grey in the sky.