Autumn Day In The Orchard


It still looks like Summer. However, September 29 was a cold day in Eastern Germany. A high pressure system in Scandinavia brought a lot of sunshine but there was also a cold wind blowing from the East. The conditions for the annual marathon in Berlin were very good, since it’s getting more difficult for the runners when its getting too warm. In the west of Berlin where you find wonderful orchards in the “Havelland” harvesting time will come soon to an end. There are still some fruits left like the plums. In Marquardt, a small village close to Potsdam, people could pick the fruits with their own hand or buy in a shop attached to the large fields. It’s always a great experience particularly for people living and coming from the capital to experience how natural fruits really look like  and where our food comes from. Many families from the city come here on the afternoon and spend their free-time in the last warm rays of the autumn sun. The nights already have become chilling cold and leaves have begun to fall. All in all it wasn’t an  easy year for the farmers in the “Havelland”. The trees had to endure stressful situations with two weather extremes. Parts of Germany nearly drowned in the flood in June which have become one of the biggest disasters of nature in Middle Europe over the last decades. Later some extremely hot days followed end of July and Early August. Nevertheless, the harvest looks good, even it’s not as rich as in 2012. Click on the photos if you like to get a larger impression:

Wild Geese and other migratory bird do their last exercises and will soon start their long journey. They could be seen in the distance of the orchard fields where lakes and meadows begin. The larger Berlin-area contains many nature reserves and have become a habitat for many birds and other animals.

Clouds were flying by fast over the orchard and sometimes there was an interesting interplay between sunlight and shadow in the late morning of this Sunday in late September:

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